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Things You Need to Know to Harness the Power of Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Your Business

The promise of the internet for businesses has always been that it would provide an easy, effective, and cheap way to reach out to potential customers. Facebook and Instagram advertising makes that promise a reality. Ads on these platforms can help launch everything from B2B SaaS apps to solopreneur coaching services. Here are seven things you need to know so you can harness the power of Facebook and Instagram advertising for your business.

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook has become one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the world.

Using Facebook as an advertising tool gives you access to 1.55 billion active monthly users, budget friendly advertising and a wider target audience.

Our team of social media specialists will set you up on Facebook to help reach your businesses goals.

We will work closely with you to create the most effective Facebook Ad Campaign that suits your business objectives.

We focus on strategies, then work to cover all bases leading to actual integration.

We also analyze your campaigns to help you understand how they’re all performing.

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Instagram Advertising

Visual content is becoming more popular on Social Media, it’s also becoming increasingly important for businesses to leverage themselves.

Our team of social media specialists know everything about Instagram Advertising.

The priority is to communicate visually with your fans, followers and customers.

There is an estimated 150 million users on Instagram, with over 55 million photos shared on Instagram on a daily basis.

Having an active Instagram account with useful and interesting content can earn more engagement with your audience.

Our team focus on the most successful engagement methods and lead strategies that are able to be implemented on Instagram.

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How Facebook Ads Work

There are four main types of Facebook ads:

  • Desktop newsfeed ads
  • Mobile newsfeed ads
  • Desktop right-hand sidebar
  • Mobile audience network

Facebook allows advertisers to choose what type of ads they want to run and to set a daily budget. The daily budget is the maximum you are willing to spend on advertising in a day. Depending on whom you are targeting, Facebook ads are one of the most cost effective ways for businesses to advertise.

You have to have a Facebook account to manage your ads. There are two different ways to manage your Facebook advertising. You can use the Ads Manager, which is a simple dashboard, or you can use the Power Editor, which is a much more complex and detailed layout for more advanced users. You can still generate a great ROI just by using the simpler Ads Manager.

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How Instagram Ads Work

Because Facebook owns Instagram, the advertising mechanics are similar. You can even use the Facebook Ad Manager to run Instagram ads. Instagram is a mobile centric experience. All ads on the platform are displayed in the single newsfeed. This means that consumers are more likely to see your ad and more likely to interact with it, because it looks less like an ad and more like a regular post.

Instagram also allows you to set a daily budget. Like Facebook, you may be charged per click or per impression, depending on the options you select.

Both Instagram and Facebook allow you to run hyper-targeted ads. You can select for almost any demographic category, as well as target specific likes, interests, and actions.

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We Have a Specific Goal

No marketing campaign will ever be effective without a specific goal. But, when advertising on Facebook and Instagram, a specific goal is even more important. For best results, you need to select a goal that is meaningful to your business and measurable. This is not the forum for just running display ads to generate awareness.

Social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram is action oriented. It is a form of direct response advertising. You need to have a goal of getting your prospects to do something.

Possible goals include:

  • Getting people to a landing page to signup for a lead magnet with their email address
  • Make a sale
  • Like your business’s Facebook Page or Follow your business on Instagram
  • Download an app
  • Call a specific phone number

You will want to make sure you can know how many people took a specific action because of your advertising. If you do not measure the results of your advertising, you have no way of knowing if it is effective or how to improve the performance of your ads.

The ability to connect advertising with specific results is what makes Facebook and Instagram ads so powerful and popular.

We Understand Targeting

Before the internet you had to cast a broad net when advertising. But, now you can narrow your focus to just the people most likely to be receptive to your message. Targeting makes advertising a much better investment. But, you have to know who you are targeting for this strategy to pay off.

Facebook and Instagram know a lot about their users. Between the two platforms, it seemingly has data about most of the people on the planet. You need to know who your target audience or prospects are. Once you get into the Ad Manager you can choose from a variety of standard demographic groupings. You can choose to target by gender, income, age, and many other factors.

You need to think about who you want to attract to your offer. Who are the people who will be making the decisions about your product or service? If you sell to consumers, you have to know who likes your stuff. You can easily waste a lot of money trying to appeal to too broad of an audience. Facebook and Instagram ads are a way to reach the people most willing to pay you money right away.

Beyond, just the simple demographic targeting, you can also choose to target people based on their other interests and likes. If you sell guitar picks, you will want to target people who Facebook believes plays guitar. If you are selling wedding invitations, you will want to target people who like bridal magazines.

The narrower you can make your targeting, the better results you will get.

we understand targeting
looks matter

We Know Looks Matter

Facebook and Instagram are visual mediums. Your ads need to look sharp. If your ads are clunky, your ideal customers will simply scroll past your ads. You only have few seconds or less to capture someone’s attention. Make sure your ads are simple, but have vibrant images that make people pay attention. The image you choose is what will first hook people into paying attention to your message.

You should only use high definition images. There are several online tools you can find that will help you create professional quality ads. If your ads do not look great it doesn’t matter how well they are targeted, they will fail.

We Create Campaigns That Bring Better Results

Instagram and Facebook advertising work best when you setup campaigns and not just single-shot ads. It takes several exposures before people will take action.

Facebook and Instagram provide advertisers with a bevy of tools to help them create compelling campaigns. You can easily rotate your ads to keep them from getting stale. You can also create a carousel of ads so that users see several different ads over the course of a day or week. Different ads will motivate different people.

Campaigns provide a higher ROI over single ads. Don’t make the mistake of running a single ad and deciding social media advertising doesn’t work for you.

results matter
tweak and split

We Test and Tweak

Even seasoned pros know that it is hard to get any advertising perfect on the first attempt. You need to be monitoring your stats. Test out different images and messages to see what works and what doesn’t Facebook and Instagram make it easy to split test different ads and ad approaches.

Successful advertising on social media requires constant testing and tweaking. Good ads can always be made better. You most likely will not have a viral sensation the first time you create an ad. But, if you are willing to test and tweak, Facebook and Instagram advertising will work for your business.

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