Factors To Consider When Getting Backlinks For SEO

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What are SEO backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the SEO strategies used in optimizing a website for the search engine. Google considers this an important ranking factor but how long does it take to start seeing its effect on your website?

Effect of Backlinks on your website on several factors to produce the desired result in different happens in different  pace. They include:

Domain Authority

The domain authority is a ranking factor that determines how reliable a website is. Measured on a scale 1 to 100, DA tells how well a website will rank on search engines. A webpage that has DA of 80 will rank better than one with 40. Your website link used on websites that have high DA makes your website more trustworthy and better ranked.

Keyword Density

To move the yardsticks faster keyword analysis is important. It gives you an idea of how frequent keywords are used and how they are used. Pages that aren’t stuffed with keywords helps backlinks in ranking a website faster.

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Link Quantity

An analysis by Moz, found that the number of backlinks determines how quick the website hosting the URL gets ranked higher. This implies that the more links a website the higher chance of getting a position higher in the SERPs.


Sometimes the quality of a link impacts the effect of a backlink in the ranking of a website. It is better to use a few links of established and reliable websites than many links of websites that have low quality. Therefore investing in high domain authority sites is an effective way to make an impact on search engine rankings.

Spammy Links

Use of spamming links is one of the links that Google frowns heavily at. Spammy links on your website will only do more harm than good. They will keep on dragging your website down the SERPs until they are removed. Ensure that the links used are not spammy and of good quality to achieve your SEO target.

It is very important to get links from niche / topic related websites. 

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There is no specific time frame of how backlinks can improve your ranking on Google. However, one thing is certain and that is backlinks will get your website higher and more visible on Google.

Why Your Business Startup Should Use Google Ad

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Why Google Ads?

Google ads are a marketing tool that has been changing the online marketing industry. It is an efficient, veritable and successful tool in driving traffic to a website and lead generation.

Many business start-ups ignore using this tool, as they do not know its benefits. In this article, we will show you six reasons why you should start using Google Ads today for your business.

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It's Good for Local Marketing

If you are a locally based business Google Ads offers you location targeting option. Adwords give you an option to select an area and position your business to be seen by the locals. 

You can streamline your targets into a specific location within the area.

Google Ads are Flexible

This marketing platform is suitable for all kinds and sizes of businesses. You can use this platform alongside other software, or marketing platforms. 

Budgets can be set according to how much you have a certain type of advertisement. 

Check out our article about how long it takes for backlinks to show effect on Google.

google ads flexibility

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increase website traffic

Drives Traffic to Your Website

Your website is bound to experience an increase in traffic and lead generation if the Google Ad is properly set up. Google Ads lets you target an audience that is looking for exactly what you have. This gives you an upper hand to position your e-commerce website so that only people searching for your products or services are targeted.

Google Ads Creates Room for Retargeting

After customers purchase your product or service, you won’t have them keep on coming back. Google Ads helps you with this by showing previous visitors to your e-commerce site ads if your brand. 

This keeps reminding them of you. After a customer had visited your website, a cookie attached at the back-end of your site is saved on their browser. You will be able to target your ads to them when they are the Google search engine or other Google platforms.

Enables You to Track Results

One a dashboard you will get options to track and measure your results.

You can monitor traffic driven to your website, lead generation, Return on Investment, keywords and more.

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There you have it! Above are some reasons why business startup should use Google ads.

Google Ads is an effective tool to reach a target audience, drive traffic to your website and increases sales for business start-ups.

The Challenge

Hello Mojo was an online sunglasses store, that were trying to break into the e commerce fashion market.

Sales were less than $500 USD per month.

Brand awareness were non existence as no one could differentiate Hello Mojo sunglasses to a normal aliexpress sunglasses. 


Hello Mojo Brand Building

The Solution

Market research was done, in terms of finding which model would generate the most unique style, bringing in most sales.

We then started to do an influencer outreach program, by sending them our products, they would receive a coupon code, with commission given for each sale.  

This generated buzz on instagram, creating momentum

A total of 55 influencers were given products and posted on instagram. 

Sales were peaking at 4k per day. 

The Result

Hello Mojo was then acquired by an online e commerce company for 5 figures.  

Upon getting acquired, Hello Mojo had sold 40 thousand dollars worth of sunglasses. 


The Client : Beneco Packaging

SEO Toronto

The Problem

Beneco Packaging had issues ranking on google.

They were spending thousands of dollars on Google Ads, without any focus or direction in terms of organic traffic.  

Rankings were not optimized.

Main keywords were “custom boxes” & “packaging”



Our Solution

Focus team of web designers, re designed the website.

Main objective were :

Optimized all alt images

Increase contents 

Optimize contents

Build local backlinks

Guest post from niche websites

Inner product pages were created and optimized ( pictures on the right )

The Result

Organic search results increased by 30%

Multiple keywords reached top 3 spots on google. 

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