Hello Mojo E commerce Store

The Challenge

Hello Mojo was an online sunglasses store, that were trying to break into the e commerce fashion market.

Sales were less than $500 USD per month.

Brand awareness were non existence as no one could differentiate Hello Mojo sunglasses to a normal aliexpress sunglasses. 


Hello Mojo Brand Building

The Solution

Market research was done, in terms of finding which model would generate the most unique style, bringing in most sales.

We then started to do an influencer outreach program, by sending them our products, they would receive a coupon code, with commission given for each sale.  

This generated buzz on instagram, creating momentum

A total of 55 influencers were given products and posted on instagram. 

Sales were peaking at 4k per day. 

The Result

Hello Mojo was then acquired by an online e commerce company for 5 figures.  

Upon getting acquired, Hello Mojo had sold 40 thousand dollars worth of sunglasses. 


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