Why SEO Rankings Do Not Always Tell the Whole Story

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Many SEO marketers will work hard to get a better spot in the search engines rankings but will not see a reflection of this on their website. SEO rankings being the success of your site are no longer the case. There is a lot more to this than the eyes meet.

What could be doing wrong if you have a better SEO ranking and your website is not successful as expected? Let us take a look at them.

keyword research

You are Using Wrong Keywords

When your website is not generating leads as expected it could be that you are not using the right keywords.

Keywords are important SEO tools as it makes search engine users locate you using a particular word or phrase. Not making enough keyword research makes you target the wrong keywords. Check out this article about how to use keyword research to improve your search rankings. This will help ensure that you are using the right keywords.

Broken Website


One of the factors that ruin lead generation when your website is visible enough on the SERPs is having a broken website on the technical aspect. Poor website design or slow page loading speed can dissuade visitors from visiting your website and taking desired actions.

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broken website conversion

Conversion Disabled


Your SEO marketing means nothing if your website is not configured in a way to convert the traffic into some cold cash. One of the ways many website owners fell short of this is by not including a call-to-action button on their website. Users are thronging in but the landing page does not interactive elements to help them with a solution to their needs.

Use of Irrelevant Content


Poor content on your website does not help in converting visitors. Quality content engages and encourages users to visit your website with the assurance they will find what they are looking for.

NO USE of google analytics

Analytics is important to weigh the progress of an SEO campaign. It enables you to monitor some areas of your website that are doing fine. With this tool, you will be able to create a better SEO marketing strategy.

There you have it! Above are some reasons why SEO rankings may not always tell the whole story. Keeping an eye peeled out for any of these ensures that there is no hitch in the SEO marketing of your website.

Factors To Consider When Getting Backlinks For SEO

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What are SEO backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the SEO strategies used in optimizing a website for the search engine. Google considers this an important ranking factor but how long does it take to start seeing its effect on your website?

Effect of Backlinks on your website on several factors to produce the desired result in different happens in different  pace. They include:

Domain Authority

The domain authority is a ranking factor that determines how reliable a website is. Measured on a scale 1 to 100, DA tells how well a website will rank on search engines. A webpage that has DA of 80 will rank better than one with 40. Your website link used on websites that have high DA makes your website more trustworthy and better ranked.

Keyword Density

To move the yardsticks faster keyword analysis is important. It gives you an idea of how frequent keywords are used and how they are used. Pages that aren’t stuffed with keywords helps backlinks in ranking a website faster.

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Link Quantity

An analysis by Moz, found that the number of backlinks determines how quick the website hosting the URL gets ranked higher. This implies that the more links a website the higher chance of getting a position higher in the SERPs.


Sometimes the quality of a link impacts the effect of a backlink in the ranking of a website. It is better to use a few links of established and reliable websites than many links of websites that have low quality. Therefore investing in high domain authority sites is an effective way to make an impact on search engine rankings.

Spammy Links

Use of spamming links is one of the links that Google frowns heavily at. Spammy links on your website will only do more harm than good. They will keep on dragging your website down the SERPs until they are removed. Ensure that the links used are not spammy and of good quality to achieve your SEO target.

It is very important to get links from niche / topic related websites. 

negative seo backlinks attack

There is no specific time frame of how backlinks can improve your ranking on Google. However, one thing is certain and that is backlinks will get your website higher and more visible on Google.