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Monitor Your Marketing Performance Online with Comprehensive Analytics

Making better and more informed business decisions require accurate and reliable data. At Focus Media Marketing, we provide well-detailed reporting of the progress of your marketing ads and campaigns. This will ensure that you are on the right track towards achieving your digital marketing goals. When it comes to managing your digital marketing endeavors effective, Focus Media Marketing is the ideal expert to trust.

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Track Keyword
Rankings Weekly

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, our work does not end once your ad campaigns are live. Our expert team of analysts will continually monitor your analytics and ad performance. We will benchmark your current position and show you your weekly progress week. Also, we will provide a detailed report from time to time. With this, you can make appropriate adjustments as needed. 


What’s more, our aim is to ensure that your web pages show up on Google’s first page. To achieve this, we will carry out website optimizations every month. Also, you can see how your target keywords rise in search results. Our detailed keyword tracking is just what you need to launch your SEO campaign.

Website Auditing

Website auditing identifies the areas of opportunities your website needs to compete in the search engines. From time to time, our experts will carry out a technical audit. With this, we can find the areas that need to be optimized for local rankings.


In addition, our trusted team at Focus Media Marketing will provide your business with a monthly technical report showing you various site errors and warnings that have been affecting the performance of your marketing ad campaigns. Schedule a call today with us today to discover how your website is currently optimized for more than 200 ranking factors.

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Backlink Monitoring

Over the years, backlinks have been proven to be the most effective technique to increase the SEO, visibility, and rankings of a website. At Focus Media Marketing, we understand the importance of your backlink portfolio to both your local and organic SEO. Our dedicated team will keep a close eye on negative backlinks that can impact your website SEO negatively.


Also, our SEO management team will help you build out high-quality backlinks. Our experts will follow the metrics behind the backlinks that will increase the ranking authority of your website. When it comes to backlink monitoring, our SEO management team at Focus Media Marketing will deliver excellent results.

Conversion Tracking

Furthermore, our digital marketing experts will take an in-depth look at your customers, social media audience, and target audience. We will understand their online behaviors, shopping preference, and patterns. With this, we will create a PPC ad campaign that is custom-tailored to their specific needs.


However, it doesn’t stop here. We will track every call and report on every lead. All these will be displayed to you in a simple reporting system. We use innovative tools and advanced software to show you your return on investment as well as comprehensive analytics on the marketing efforts that yielded more leads, conversion, and sales.


Also, our marketing system is designed to optimize your website for conversion every month constantly. We will show you where your customers came from and a screen recording of the items they clicked on. Also, we will provide you with information about what prompted them to visit your web page.

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For more information about our industry-leading SEO reporting and analytics, contact us today at Focus Media Marketing. Our services are transparent, reliable, and well-detailed. Our dedicated team will be available to speak with you and discuss your needs. An amazing experience awaits you.