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Our initial consultation will determine which social media platform is most suitable for your business. 

A detailed analysis will be made to determine what type of original contents are needed for your social media platform.

We will then optimize your social media platform with headers and profile photos that create brand consistency.   

We will then create original content that fits the channels.

Whether it's youtube videos, influencer outreach program, or product photography,

Focus will help you create high end quality media that elevates your brand status and awareness. 

Execute a schedule post, whether it's daily or weekly. 

Create original advertising content. Let's start our project!

Choose the perfect plan

Choose from our very affordable plans for social media management. 


Per month

  • Management for 3 Social Media Platforms
  • 20 Post Per Month, Per Platform.
  • Digital Content Creation
  • 2 Hours Photography Content Creation
  • Reputation Management
  • Up to 6 Ads Set Up


Per month

  • Management for 2 social media platforms
  • 15 Post Per Month Per Platform, ( Digital Media Provided By Client )
  • Reputation Management
  • Up to 3 Ads Set Up


Per month

  • 5 Social Media Platform Management
  • 15 Post Per Month, Per Platform.
  • Digital Content Creation
  • 5 hours Videography Content
  • 10 hours Photography Content
  • Reputation Management
  • 10 Ads Set Up

Frequently asked questions

We will handle your social media postings, reply, and inboxes. While keeping an eye on your competition, and listening to your audience engagement.

Each business has a need for unique contents for their social media, whether it’s new menu or customer testimonials, we will handle the content creation for you. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Wechat, Weibo, Vimeo, Youtube, Myspace, Soundcloud. 

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Wechat, Weibo, Youtube. 

Social Media Management

At Focus Media Marketing, we are dedicated to providing outstanding social media marketing services to businesses. We pride ourselves in having a knowledgeable team of well-trained and certified experts. Our social media experts know the nitty-gritty of social media platforms. We are the perfect team to help you get the best out of your social media endeavors.


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Affordable Pricing that Guarantees Excellent Results

What’s more, our social media marketing services guarantee the best value for your money. Using digital advertising, we help brands and businesses reach more customers and target audiences on Facebook and other social media platforms while staying on a budget. You can be assured that we will help you achieve your social media goals.

What’s more, our social media management services are provided by our reliable and trained team. Our experts will handle your daily posting, ads management, comment replies, and social awareness on all popular social media platforms. We take care of everything. Thus, you can focus on other more important aspects of your business.



In addition to search engine optimization, we believe that the strength of a business relies on its people. For this reason, we have put the members of our social medial marketing team through comprehensive training on all social media platforms that are used by our clients.

Whether you intend to leverage on the target audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, our team is always available to help. We have the needed experience and exposure to help you reach your target market.

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